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This is a blog about our inspirations: Music, Americana and Lifestyle.
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#onespark #jacksonville #americanowned #madeinamerica  (at One Spark)

#onespark #jacksonville #americanowned #madeinamerica (at One Spark)

Black & Denim: Reviving American Textile Manufacturing from Black & Denim Apparel Company on Vimeo.

Black & Denim is a Lifestyle Brand sourced and manufactured 100% in the USA. American Inspired. American Made. American Owned.

The best way to explain an idea is to tell a story. We want to share our story because we think that when people come together, they can achieve great things.

This is Latin for “United we stand, divided we fall.” When we start thinking about the impact that our purchasing dollars have, we understand that every time we buy something, we are supporting jobs. American Jobs.

Only 3% of apparel sold in the US is manufactured here. 50 years ago, that was not the case. We want to make that happen again. We want to bring manufacturing back to the US.
Why is this important?

American craftsmanship is second to none. We have been dictating the trends in design and manufacturing since the industrial revolution. We want to support local communities. That is why we want to have jobs come back to our city of Tampa, Florida.

We have been working on this project since March 17, 2008, when the recession hit. We understood that the best way to rebuild America was from the ground up. At the lowest point in modern history, we started working with vendors that were left dry by huge companies for overseas options in manufacturing. We brought to them this idea. They saw the vision and followed our lead. We wanted to create a brand that is as resilient as the American dream.